OmniPod PathFinder  v.1.0

The OmniPod Pathfinder 1.0 Data Management Software enables OmniPod Insulin Management System users and their healthcare providers to view recent blood glucose and insulin delivery records.


To support therapy at best, patients with diabetes should keep a logbook (called "diabetes diary) and track blood glucose measurements, insulin dosages and other relevant informations. DIABASS is a comfortable software replacement for common - paper based


HOMA Calculator  v.2. 2. 2002

The HOMA Calculator is a tool for assessing the insulin sensitivity (%S) and beta cell function (%B), for professionals in the health care field.

GGC - GNU Gluco Control  v.0.4

GGC is an open-source java application, intended to help you manage your diabetes.

My Daily Readings  v.3.95

My Daily Readings records and tracks blood sugar in any format, both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, pulse, weight, SPO2, and temperature by date and time. There is also a comments area and Insulin Injection Tracking Log.

UTS Diabetes for Palm OS  v.1 3

UTS Diabetes tracks blood glucose level, insulin injections, carbohydrates consumed and medication intakes. UTS Diabetes is handy, stylish, and easy to use software that serves as a traditional paper Diabetic's logbook. Plus, it has a lot of

SiDiary Diabetes Management  v.6.0

SiDiary 6 enables you to easily track all your relevant diabetes data. This way you can optimize the quality of the medical treatment in co-operation with your doctor. Especially in our new version SiDiary 6 we have integrated many new tools,

HealthCaddyFree  v.

Do you track health data points like blood glucose, insulin, BP, and weight readings daily as part of your health and fitness goals? HealthCaddy is your buddy. A single app to help track your daily blood glucose, insulin units, carb intake, systolic,

Sugar Watch  v.

Sugar Watch is your best help when it comes to keeping track of your diabetes or other medical conditions. The app makes keeping track of insulin, glucose, carbohydrates and exercise so EASY! You can add an entry in less then 10 seconds and move on

SugarCube  v.

A simple and efficient app to calculate insulin schemes for type 2-diabetic patients. SugarCube calculates insulin requirements based on patient weight and creates basal + nutritional insulin 'sliding scale' schemes. SugarCube supports human regular

Conglus Lite  v.

Conglus Lite is a software to manage your diabetes by keeping records of your glucose levels in blood and a record of the insulin you take, all with precise details to have a lot of information and control of your diabetes,

Glucose Diary  v.

Full featured glucose control and tracking application for anyone using insulin to manage Diabetes. Tracks not only glucose levels but everything that can affect them including diet, exercise and insulin. **Unrestricted Trail Version** Data can be

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